This is some great knowledge of a genre that has, quite frankly, been done to death. Due to the mass production of the genre the viewing experience has become predictable rather than tense and thrilling. In recent years we've seen a slight resurgence of "found footage" films, however, this time through the lens of a webcam rather than a jittery handheld camera. For example, 'Host' (2020) was surprisingly terrifying and made the pandemic even scarier than it already is.

There are some great obscure titles highlighted in this piece. I do however recommend a low-budget Australian indie film for fans of the "found-footage" horror genre. 'The Tunnel' (2011) is quite the hidden gem as it merges "found-footage" with "mockumentary" conventions to enhance the illusion of the horror being a reality. It has a 100% rating on RT and is available on amazon prime.

Great history on the genre! I'm looking forward to reading more of your work!

Master in Research of Film (Mres) Deep diver of films with great scores and soundtracks.

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